An exciting, fun, and addictive puzzle, bubble shooter game that's great for the whole family.

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History of Frozen Bubble

Frozen Bubble originally released in 2002 by The Frozen Bubble Team, sponsored by Mandriva, the company behind Mandrake Linux. Since its release, the game has been ported to older mobile devices and PDAs, web browsers, and now today's smart phones and tablets.

While being updated for newer mobile devices, the core game hasn't seen an update in over ten years until now. This version of Frozen Bubble updates the game for 4k graphics, adds 100 more levels, updates sounds, music, and new gameplay elements that will help keep the game alive for another 10 years.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! To enable color blind mode, locate the Settings menu from either the Main Menu screen or whenever you pause the game. Touch/click the color blind button to enable/disable color blind mode. The game will update automatically.
If you're using a new Android or an iOS device and your previous device was also from Android or iOS, simply opening the app on the new device will allow your save gave to sync between both devices. If you're transferring from Android to iOS or iOS to Android, you'll need to login to Twitter or Facebook on the old device first, then after installation, login to Twitter or Facebook on the new device.
Certainly, as we're always glad to help out fellow gamers! But this is something best left up to our Facebook page, Youtube channel, or Twitter feed. We'll regularly put out advance tips, tricks, and even some ways to cheat (friendly of course).
Contact us here for additional help.